"Explore the vast universe, the development of space industry"
2016-03-15 22:43:36

In November 2016, our company received a letter from the Long March No. 5 launch vehicle model office "on the Long March 5 launch vehicle first successful mission letter of congratulation." The letter mentioned in the "I developed the 80K pre-cooling system to achieve the use of liquid nitrogen simulation of liquid oxygen transport pipeline temperature and internal pressure environment, excellent performance in the flight process" This is the development of our company and the cause of space Make a great contribution!

   80K pre-cooling system is the general manager of our company began in 2012 lead design, technical department with the development process of debugging experimental work to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the system.

     We will continue to adhering to the "innovation and the pursuit of excellence, first-class technology with low-temperature equipment to serve customers," the purpose, as always, the development of the Long March launch vehicle 5 to continue to give strong support in the construction of aerospace power, to achieve the dream of spaceflight to make New bigger contribution!


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