Sheng Jie "high-tech enterprise certificate"
2016-12-14 22:45:33

Sheng Jie on December 20, 2013 was identified as the national high-tech enterprises, December 8, 2016 review passed, once again by the Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Agency, Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance, Sichuan Provincial State Taxation Bureau, Sichuan Province, local tax Bureau of the joint issued by the "high-tech enterprise certificate", certificate number: GR201651000486.

  High-tech enterprises refers to the "national key support in the field of high-tech", the ongoing research and development and technological achievements into the core of independent intellectual property rights, and as a basis for business activities in China's enterprises, it is Knowledge-intensive, technology-intensive economic entities.

   Access to national high-tech enterprises gave us a great encouragement, but also for Shengjie a sure. The identification of high-tech enterprise qualification, promoted the technological transformation of Shengjie, marking the high-end technology development capabilities and independent innovation, continuous innovation ability, and further stimulate the enthusiasm of independent innovation, for the company to create innovative enterprise To a new opportunity, but also for the Shengjie international market competition provides a strong support.

  We firmly believe that: quality first, technology leadership, integrity services, innovation and development is the cornerstone of success. In the future, we will, as always, pragmatic and innovative spirit for the majority of users to provide more quality products and services.

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