Cold chain promotion, protection of vaccine safety
2016-06-15 22:51:14

The recent "hundreds of millions of dollars of vaccine is not frozen into the 18 provinces," the news has aroused the concern of the community. Vaccine as a biological activity of the special drugs, the temperature requirements are very harsh, too low too high will lead to inactivation. It is reported that the vaccine failure is due to cold chain transport process in the cold chain breakage caused by the vaccine at high temperature antigen activity weakened or disappeared. Today, we cited the failure of the vaccine, focusing on the protection of cold chain protection of the vaccine.


  First, the different types of vaccines, the temperature of the vaccine storage and transportation is also different. Among them: hepatitis B vaccine, BCG vaccine, bleach vaccine, white break vaccine, hepatitis B inactivated vaccine, A group of epidemic cerebrospinal fluid vaccine, A + C group of meningitis vaccine in 2 ℃ ~ 8 ℃ under the conditions of transport and storage. Polio vaccine, measles vaccine, JE live attenuated vaccine, rubella vaccine in -20 ℃ ~ 8 ℃ under the conditions of transport and dark storage. And Marek vaccine and other special vaccines must be stored in the liquid nitrogen tank -196 ℃.


Vaccine storage of preserved vaccine


  Secondly, the current demand for cold chain logistics in China is huge, and the development of cold chain logistics is far from meeting the huge demand of our country. Compared to food cold chain, cold chain of drugs on the cold chain transport process of higher temperature requirements. As a professional manufacturer of liquid nitrogen biological containers, Sichuan Shengjie has advanced manufacturing equipment and manufacturing process, through the 24-hour temperature control system, all-round guarantee of vaccine storage and transportation safety.

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