Biobank freezers
Biobank Series provide users with automatic, secure and reliable cryogenic liquid nitrogen freezing systems. Tanks are made of high quality stainless steel, equipped with casters and brakes, and wide neck opening for easy to pick and place specimen.Specimen could be stored in liquid or vapor, and control system provides high convenience and security. To achieve the most economical operation, our design ensures the lowest consumption of liquid nitrogen and the maximum storage capacity of the specimen.
Product overview


Biobank Series uses advanced evacuation technology, adiabatic technology and high vacuum retention technology to ensure the safe storage of specimen, good uniform temperature and the lowest liquid nitrogen consumption. When specimen in vapor storage, the entire storage area temperature differences do not exceed 10 ,and the top of the frozen rack lowest temperature can reach -190 .

Biobank Series provides you with the best storage experience: fast specimen access, reliable protection, convenient liquid nitrogen auto fill and flexible storage capacity.


Product Features:

     Compatible with vapor and liquid storage modes;

     Various capacity optional to meet your storage requirements;

     More specimen capacity in a limited space to reduce the storage costs;

     Excellent temperature uniformity and stability;

     Excellent temperature stability after opening lid;

     Advanced temperature,level monitoring and alarm system, remote network monitoring;

     Automatic filling liquid nitrogen system, safe and efficient;

     Controlling system can permanently store operating data;

     One button to demist, easy to search, pick and place specimen;

     User-friendly design,comfortable operation;

     Lockable lid, fully guarantee the safety of the specimen;

     Equipped with folding steps and work bench;

     CE certified;



Product Advantages

Big storage capacity

Compared with similar products, our products need less space and could store more samples; save space and also reduce the cost;

Excellent temperature uniformity

Vacuum insulated stainless steel structure, high vacuum coverage to ensure excellent insulation properties;


Stable open cover temperature

Innovative lid and excellent small neck openings design can greatly reduce the liquid nitrogen evaporation rate.Even keep the lid open for a long time, the temperature inside the tank can still be very stable; temperature could be not higher than -150 with in 48 hours;


Advanced temperature monitoring system

Microprocessor-based control system and the vertical double platinum resistance temperature probe can display realtime temperature, accuracy of ±. The user can set their own alarm temperature value, with alarm mute option;



Automatic filling liquid nitrogen and liquid level monitoring system

Based on the differential pressure sensor, level monitoring system could display real-time liquid level, to ensure that the liquid nitrogen automatic filling process safe and reliable. 10-inchLCD touch screen display: temperature of the top, bottom temperature, liquid level, and operating status etc.


Hot gas bypass

The hot gas bypass can remove nitrogen which is at indoor temperature before the liquid nitrogen is filled, to ensure that only liquid nitrogen is filled into the tank and avoid temperature fluctuations in the liquid nitrogen tank during the filling process. It would make sure the safety of the sample and also reduce the additional Liquid nitrogen consumption.


A number of human design

Stainless steel auxiliary table, can be used for temporary placement for the racks to speed up the sample picking and placing; folding steps reduce the height of the operation platform; spare opening on the internal tray for easy to find inadvertently dropped samples.



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