Static storage series of liquid nitrogen tank
Static storage series have advantages of long term storage and big capacity; specifically designed for long-term static storage of biological samples.
Product overview


      Static storage series are economic small liquid nitrogen tanks,specifically designed for long-term static storage of biological samples. It has large capacity and long storage time two types. The series is made of high strength lightweight aluminum alloy, containing multi-layer insulation to make the product safe, lightweight and efficient, and it has a variety of accessories optional.



Product Features


    High strength, light weight and small size aluminum structure;

    Equipped with belt;

    Ultra low evaporation loss;

    Large straw capacity;

    Vials tube is optional;

    Lockable lid is optional to prevent unauthorized open;

    Level monitoring system is optional;

    Roller base is optional;

    Liquid nitrogen pump is optional;

⑩    CE certified;

⑪    Five years vacuum warranty;


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