Transport storage series liquid nitrogen tank
Transport storage series is designed for long-distance transport of liquid nitrogen or biological samples. It uses a special support structure design for these containers.
Product overview


       The transport storage series are economical small liquid nitrogen tanks designed specifically for biological samples static storage and for transporting biological samples.The series is made of high strength lightweight aluminum alloy, containing multi-layer insulation to make the product safe, lightweight and efficient, and it has a variety of accessories optional.



Product Features:

    High strength, light weight and small size aluminum structure;

    Equipped with belt;

    Ultra low evaporation loss;

    Large straw capacity;

    Vials tube is optional;

    Lockable lid is optional to prevent unauthorized open;

    Level monitoring system is optional;

    Roller base is optional;

    Liquid nitrogen pump is optional;

⑩   CE certified;

⑪    Five years vacuum warranty;


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