Liquid nitrogen ice cream machine
Haishengjie low temperature combined with the domestic ice cream industry development of ice cream liquid nitrogen filling machine with simple operation, easy to use, low cost advantages.
Product overview


     With the development of society, people's needs to improve, such as ice cream and cold drinks such as cold drinks, more taste, healthy eating, especially the birth of liquid nitrogen ice cream makes the ice cream industry to develop further, liquid nitrogen ice cream From the taste of eating or smoke filled the mood is really fascinating.
      In the foreign liquid nitrogen production of ice cream and cold drinks have been popular in the case, the domestic has just begun to enter the trial stage, the end of the reason, nothing less than foreign production and development of this product is expensive, after the transfer of China, its high prices , Cumbersome, and area and other factors.



Product Features:
① Healthy
     Liquid nitrogen is airborne to obtain non-toxic, inert and does not react with other ingredients within the ice cream. During the freezing process, the ice cream raw material is surrounded by nitrogen to reduce contact with the air, almost no oxidation discoloration and fat rancidity, to eliminate the oil smell caused by oxidation. The rapid reduction of temperature can slow down the biochemical reaction of ice cream and reduce the series of metamorphism caused by the enzyme; liquid nitrogen on bacteria and other microorganisms also suffocation and inhibition, and better to maintain the original ice cream and cold drinks freshness, color Fragrance and its nutritional value.

② Good taste
     The use of liquid nitrogen frozen for ice cream, its -196 ℃ low temperature can quickly make raw materials crystallization, fast through the ice belt. Liquid nitrogen is liquid and can be in close contact with all parts of the irregularly shaped food, so that the heat transfer resistance to a minimum; like an egg shell generally firmly in the feed of nutrients. Ice cream inside the ice crystal small and uniform, eat naturally fine and not have a rough feeling.

③ Good shaping
     Chocolate and cream-like ice cream produced by liquid nitrogen impregnation, due to the direct contact time between the surface chocolate and liquid nitrogen is extremely short, the chocolate coating temperature is much lower than the temperature of the inner ice cream, the thermal expansion and contraction of chocolate Tightly wrapped in the inner layer of ice cream, so that the outer layer is not easy to peel off. At the same time, due to the liquid nitrogen freezing very low temperature, chocolate and cream hardness is higher, crisp leather coating appearance is very smooth and smooth, does not produce melting, bonding and surface cracking, shedding and so on, liquid nitrogen ice cream sensory quality indicators Significantly better than conventional refrigeration equipment frozen products.



Structural Features

①    Filling equipment without electricity, low energy consumption

②    Stainless steel body beautiful good

③    Quick release structure, easy to connect

④    High vacuum multi-layer insulation, liquid nitrogen static loss is low

⑤    Mechanical control, low failure

⑥    Discharge pressure is low, high safety

⑦    Filter nozzle refused to impurities

⑧    Universal brake casters to facilitate the small space to move

⑨    Highly suitable for comfortable operation

⑩    Can be upgraded to electrical control

⑪    Bar can be customized under the cabinet



Empty weight


Full weight


Static evaporation ratio


Connection size

Plus liquid connector thread - G3 / 8 "sphericalVacuum hose connection clamp - KF16Liquid nitrogen container mouth clamp - KF50Tracheal Fittings - NPT1 / 8 "

Liquid nitrogen dosage


Stirring time


General pressure


Maximum use pressure


Heat preservation mode

High vacuum multilayer insulation


Casters Specifications - 3 inchesTrachea specifications - ¢ 6 * 1Vacuum components - Aluminum alloy liquid nitrogen containers, vacuum hosesVacuum hoses are fixed on the blender - intubation is fixedThe mixer recommends the use of KitchenAid - K5ss


This table shows the "liquid nitrogen consumption", "mixing time", "general use of pressure" is our company to produce liquid nitrogen ice cream process parameters for the recommended value; users can make appropriate adjustments according to their own technology, but the use of pressure should not be high At the highest use pressure.

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