Liquid nitrogen freezing equipment
Under standard atmospheric pressure, liquid nitrogen need 199.29 KJ heat from liquid phase to gaseous phase, and 202 KJ heat from 77.35K to 273K.
Product overview


       Liquid nitrogen freezing just use this and spray liquid nitrogen on the sea food. The temperature difference is over 200 K now and the sea food can be completely frozen in about 20 minutes.It is tens of times faster than normal freezing ways. Since the freeze time is short, the ice crystal is very small. The freezing speed is faster than the intracellular vapor permeation rate while producing ice crystals inside and outside cells, so there is no damage of the cells. This way could maintain the original color, smell, taste and freshness; it is the recognized as the best way of freezing sea food in the world.



Product Features:

①   Equipment made of food grade stainless steel, the force parts are particularly reinforced;

②   Special insulation layer, effectively blocking the inside and outside the box hot and cold exchange;

③   Box cover with air pressure spring, easy to open the lid support;

④   A variety of box form and volume, user-friendly choice, can also be customized according to user requirements;

⑤   Low cabinet equipped with special casters to facilitate the movement of the box and does not damage the ground;

⑥   User-friendly computer operating interface, user-friendly;


● Frozen amount: 500 ~ 3000Kg / h (to ensure the minimum consumption of liquid nitrogen);


● Operating temperature: -196 ℃ ~ room temperature can be arbitrarily set;


● Minimum temperature in the box: ≤-190 ℃;


● Maximum cooling rate: ≥ 50 ℃ / min;


● Maximum heating rate: ≥8 ℃ / min;


● temperature control accuracy: temperature, cooling, constant temperature ± 2 ℃;


● Temperature field uniformity: ± 1 ℃;


● Inside and outside wall material: food grade stainless steel;


● Temperature sensor: PT100 platinum resistance;


● Refrigeration medium: liquid nitrogen.

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