Thawing equipment
Thawing equipment is our independent research and design device. With advanced theoretical technology, mature design experience, efficient and practical energy-saving features, it is very popular among users.
Product overview


       The thawing equipment uses low temperature and high humidity air in the surface of the thawed food to format airflow. Use phased control of the box temperature, humidity and time to make it slowly thawed into fresh products. This product is widely used for pork,beef and mutton, poultry meat, aquatic products etc. food processing industry.



Product Features:

① Unique thawing method:

     The use of high efficiency humidification system can make the air high humidity reach more than 90% in the low temperature environment, form a low temperature and high humidity airflow structure in the defroster, and use the phased thawing temperature to shorten the thawing time under the premise of ensuring the quality of the thawed product. Standard food hygiene requirements The library is equipped with sterilization disinfection device, can remove air and food surface bacteria, eliminating the "water burst thaw" and "natural thaw" caused by food contamination, to meet the requirements of food hygiene.

② Simple operation Applicability:

     Using automatic control. Thawing time, the temperature can be adjusted according to different requirements of frozen products, thawed automatically after the preservation of fresh state, can be removed at any time fresh state of fresh food. With other thawing methods can not match the superiority, widely applicable to meat, aquatic products and other types of frozen food thawing purposes.

③ Small footprint:

     The use of shelf delivery method, do not take up a lot of area, but also visual situation on the ground design. Widely used in poultry meat, pork and mutton meat and aquatic products processing industry.



Operating Voltage


Rated Power



3.5 Cubic Meters

Refrigeration  (Hot)  Mode

Diffusion Absorption


Liquid Nitrogen

Minimum Operating Temperature


Use The Environment

Ambient Temperature ≤ 60 ℃, Relative Humidity ≤ 99.9%


Long x Wide x High:2x1.4x2.6m

Control Method

Full Touch Intelligent Control

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