Liquid nitrogen tank intelligent monitoring system
SJMU-700N liquid nitrogen tank intelligent monitoring system has data storage capabilities; support compatible with many major communication protocols; smart 10-inch LCD touch screen; graphically displayed visually liquid nitrogen tank status and parameters.
Product overview

        The system could be automatic / manual open inlet valve for liquid nitrogen supplement, real-time monitoring liquid level, high and low point temperature of the tank, solenoid valve switch status and running time. With permissions and secure password protection, multiple alarm functions (level alarm, temperature alarm, overrun alarm, sensor failure alarm, open cover timeout alarm, rehydration alarm, SMS remote alarm, power alarm and so on, more than ten kinds of alarm function), real-time comprehensive monitoring of liquid nitrogen storage system working state, and signal transmission to the central computer unified centralized monitoring and control.



Product Features

①    Automatic liquid nitrogen filling;

②    Platinum resistance temperature sensor;

③    Differential pressure level sensor;

④    Hot air bypass function;

⑤    Automatically record the liquid level, temperature and other data;

⑥    Local monitoring center;

⑦    Cloud monitoring and management center

⑧    A variety of alarm self-diagnosis

⑨    SMS remote alarm

⑩    Operation permission settings

⑪    Run / alarm parameter settings

⑫    Sound and light abnormal alarm to remind

    Backup power supply and UPS power supply

                             Terminal main interface


                           Parameter setting interface

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