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Enterprise – HSJ CRYO

Seeking excellence on the strength of innovation, and serving clients with cryogenic equipment of advanced technology.

HaiHaishengjie Cryogenic Equipment Public Limited Company is a high and new tech enterprises, which is specialized in R&D, manufacturing and selling stainless steel biological liquid nitrogen container, aluminum alloy biological liquid nitrogen container, liquid nitrogen filling tank, various customize cryogenic containers, cryogenic pipeline, Cryogenic instruments and managing system software for stem cell banks and biological sample banks. We are the leading company in the area of bio-medical liquid nitrogen container in China and also have the most product models in global.

Haishengjie Cryogenic Equipment Public Limited Company has always been upholding the corporate concept that “the company should seek supreme quality, advanced technology, sincere service and innovative development”. We have a technical team of professional technical personnel with experience of about thirty years in R&D and manufacturing of various types of cryogenic liquid storage and transportation equipment. Particularly, we have accumulated rich experience in acquiring and keeping vacuum, multi-layer insulation, biological product cryopreservation, cryogenic intelligent electronic control system, and so forth. Haishengjie Cryogenic Equipment Public Limited Company now have 2 appearance patents, 22 technique patents, 8 software patents and 3 registered trademarks.


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